Welcome to Scratch: a small British business that started in Lincolnshire, where we make all of our healthy meals fresh to order every single day.


Scratch was started on farmers' markets in 2010 by Phil Pinnell and Alex Neves.


We had an idea: to help people lead healthier lifestyles and cook with ingredients from scratch.


By creating a range of fresh meal kits that provided every ingredient, you would be able to cook your meal from...Scratch. Everything would be provided, including the exact right amount of ingredients and a simple recipe to cook along with.

And that is where our delicious Scratch Meal Kits came to life.

Only 20% of people eat their full five a day

Since those early beginnings, we have been driven to find innovative ways to help people eat healthier options and cook for themselves. Cooking fresh meals every day isn't easy to juggle with busy family lifestyles. So, when we learnt that only 20% of people eat their five a day, we worked hard to create our Hi Five range - one meal with five portions of fruit and veg. 


After creating meal kits, we realised that managing an active lifestyle and getting all of the nutrients you need don't always go hand in hand.


That's why we created our range of Scratch prepared meals. These ready meals are high in protein, nutritionally dense and completely accessible for those with active, busy lifestyles.

You can get up to three of your five a day in one box, along with high protein, high fibre contents.

We work with professional nutritionists and talented chefs to create healthy recipes

We know how important it is to enjoy your food while still getting all the nutrients you need to complete your busy day. That's why we collaborate with nutritionists and chefs to create healthy, flavour-filled ready meals and meal kits for you every day.


We have always been inventive with our recipes, but one thing remains the same:

you shouldn't have to pay the earth to compromise on flavour.


With Scratch, it's possible to cook more, eat healthier and add more plants to your diet without breaking the bank.


Our delicious dishes start from just £3 and up to £5.99 for a meal for 2 - pretty great we would say.

We strive for accessibility for everyone

Anyone can cook from scratch with our easy-to-follow meal kits!

Anyone can cook from scratch with our easy-to-follow meal kits

Learn to cook Chicken Pad Thai, Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Stew or even a Louisiana BBQ Pulled Pork with our simple and prepared meal kits.

Carnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans! There's something for everyone.

Carnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans! There's something for everyone.

No-one is left out at Scratch. Whether you love meat, veggies or a bit of both, we have a dish for you!

You can freeze some of our fresh meals for later, saving you time every night!

You can freeze some of our fresh meals for later, saving you time every night!

Our lives are sometimes just too busy to cook fresh every night. That's why we have made some of our ranges freezable, so you can save them for later and grab them anytime.

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